One hundred and seventy years of know-how and sixty-eight years of design and development go into producing this waterproof, highly-resistant military garment. If so many professional armies select the commando beret, it is not primarily for its stylishness, for the beret along with all items of uniform, is selected for its ruggedness and durability.
Our range is made exclusively from 100% merino wool. This unique wool is renowned for its waterproof and thermal insulation properties. At Laulhère, we have perfected our felting process to produce a soft, dense fabric that not only protects the head from rude winters, but also from the desert sun. The natural fibres that we use keep the body warm when it is cold while they insulate it from the heat in hotter climates.
Our strong point is our capacity to produce the highest quality military berets that satisfy exacting professional requirements in short lead times without compromising on customer service.