Our felted wool offers protection from the elements wind, heat, cold and moisture, because it regulates heat, shrugs off water and breathes.

The felting process strengthens and enhances the wool’s natural properties.
The warmth opens up fine film coating of scales and the wool’s fibres interlock and mat together irreversibly resulting in a fabric that retains the virgin wool’s natural properties but is denser and harder-wearing than the original yarn.

Even water droplets cannot penetrate fibres that have been felted.
In the same way water, dust and dirt form “beads” on the felt surface that is both water-repellent and breathable.

Woollen fibres are highly resilient and the felt loops retain this quality through the knitting process.
A merino wool fibre can be folded 20 000 times without breaking. It can be stretched up to 30% without damage and when the extension is released, the fibre reverts fully to its original dimensions. Consequently our berets not only offer strength but retain their exceptional drape even when exposed to extreme conditions.