How do we manufacture ?

We stringently select all our raw materials, starting with Merino wool sourced from the best farms around the world.
The wool’s quality is the making of the finished beret. With longer and finer fibres, the more insulating and waterproof the resulting felted wool, so the beret will be softer and stronger.

All the manufacturing stages are conducted in-house, from yarn spinning to finishing the beret.
Our dyeing skills ensure scrupulously precise colours that are constant batch after batch.

Colour precision, ability for mass reproduction and the dyes’ resistance to alteration with wear, rank as critical criteria in military beret manufacturing.

We are undisputed specialists in the military beret, with thorough knowledge of armies’ constraints and exacting demands.


Every single one of our berets is felted for at least 7 hours, to achieve headgear with the best moisture-resistance and softness.


The berets undergo 8 quality controls by different people at their specific level.


Final quality control takes place before packing.


An independent body controls and certifies the leather used for the headbands.